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Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro - Invitation for Participation

Posted in What's Happening in Canada?, Smart Meters Written by Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

BC Hydro is a crown utility, an arm of the provincial government that is reaching into the private space of our domestic environment and imposing choices on us that raise serious health concerns.

The World Health Organization/IARC has classified wireless radiofrequency radiation, such as that from BC Hydro's Smart Meters, as a class 2B possible human carcinogen. Regardless, BC Hydro continues to impose, at our residences, the operation of these devices on a 24/7 basis.

BC Hydro's conduct constitutes a violation of our autonomy and our right to determine what potentially harmful emissions do or do not occur from within our own domestic environment; our right to be free from physical intrusion by the state.

Active plans are in effect to advance this position before the Courts by way of a class action. We invite participation in the action, subject to Court approval, by individuals that meet all 3 of the following criteria:

  1. You have indicated to BC Hydro in writing (by way of letter or signage) that you do not accept the installation / operation of a wireless smart meter at your home for reasons that include health concerns.  
  2. Either a, b, c or d has occurred:
    1. Notwithstanding your written communication referred to above, BC Hydro proceeded to install and operate a wireless smart meter at your home.
    2. Notwithstanding your written communication referred to above, you have received information from BC Hydro setting out its intention to install a wireless smart meter at your home.
    3. BC Hydro has cut off its supply of power to your home as a consequence of your refusal to allow the installation of a wireless smart meter at your home.
    4. BC Hydro has indicated its intention to cut off its supply of power to your home as a consequence of your refusal to allow the installation of a wireless smart meter at your home.

  3. At all times during the above-referenced occurrences, you have been a customer of BC Hydro at a residence which you ordinarily occupy.


We invite those individuals who meet the above-referenced class definition to make a suggested basic donation of $100 to finance the legal fees, together with an appreciated donation of $50 for advertising, administration, website services and CSTS membership purposes for participation in this action.

We need your correspondence with us to be in writing. Please complete the Class Action Registration Form attached (which can also be downloaded from http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.org and http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca)

Please send the completed Registration Form and donation for class action legal fees and administration, cheque payable to Coalition to Stop Smart Meters to: 

Coalition to Stop Smart Meters
PO Box 52061
Beacon Ave., RPO
Sidney, BC V8L 5V9

If you have further questions, please contact: Sharon Noble at director@stopsmartmetersbc.ca or Una St.Clair at una@citizensforsafetechnology.org

BC Hydro Class Action Lawsuit Registration Form

Comments (3)

  • Bonnie Jacqueline

    Bonnie Jacqueline

    28 November 2013 at 19:32 |
    Because this class action lawsuit is so short sighted, a large majority of people impacted by B.C. hydro and the government's heavy handed, communistic handling of the smart meter program, will not be able to participate in the lawsuit. We are the ones that will pay monthly on what should be a totally illegal program with no recourse for recovery. That's a couple thousand dollars a year, and believe me, it will go up as well as hydro rates if we are not included in this lawsuit.
  • Bonnie Jacqueline

    Bonnie Jacqueline

    28 November 2013 at 19:24 |
    I think this has missed the point that B.C.Hydro and the provincial government have taken our democratic right of choice from us in this matter. That alone should be a huge part of this lawsuit. On top of that, those of us that have continued to fight this will now be paying an extra $35 a month so that the government can proceed with their LNG plans that will do nothing for B.C. or it's constituents but will be a financial boon to the politicians. I would really like to know how much lobbyists had to pay out for the sellout of BC.'s natural resources. We have freedom of choice, but it will cost us. That too should be part of this lawsuit.
  • Kevin Millership

    Kevin Millership

    16 July 2013 at 01:09 |
    We support you 100 percent, wireless Internet killed our healthy plant after we moved it by the modem, only took 5 months. Bad new! Shame on wireless pushers in bc utilities and bc governments!! Your karma awaits you know.

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